Saturday, January 21, 2006

England - Nation of Animal Lovers

We already know that we're a race of cat, dog etc lovers - and its highlighted when an animal is an abnormal situation - such as the Whale which has swam up the Thames. Rather than calling it/him/her a Whale, I've decided to give the Whale a name - William - feels more friendly. Rich told me yesterday afternoon that Sky News were running the headline story of "Whale in Thames" and I thought he was winding me up. Needless to say, after switching Sky News on - the WhaleCopter flying over the Thames, Whalexperts from around the world being interviewed on the chances of survival, and random punters texting in offering their advice;

Why can't we airlift the creature out of the Thames and dump it back in the
North Sea?
I'm distressed at the state of the Whale, it looks tired

Myself and Rich had a few suggestions - including letting sharks (I'm calling Simon and Sid) loose in the Thames to push the Whale down the Thames, then release something bigger to scare the sharks out of the Thames. Rich suggested taking the Whale for a pint and sorting out our differences, then get the 632 bus down to Southend and dropping it off at the beach.

William - The Whale - look, he's smiling!

Some guff I stole from the BBC news website about Whales - and as you can see - they live in the sea! wow, and people are suprised that the Thames is in the area of "Where they live"

After about 5 hours of live feed, Sky News returned to the desk, interviewed Terry Nutkins (friend of Johnny Morris, Dolphins and other sealife creatures) about the Whale, and Terry, bless him, offered more common sense than anyone, including the 101 "Whalexperts" on the banks of the Thames.

Then, all of a sudden, "Someone has been arrersted in Buckingham Palace, but now, back to the Whale in the Thames, more on that story later"

Anyway, I'm off to London to cash in on this, with my printed tshirts of Charlotte Church saying "I love Whales" and to offer my "Whalexpert" advice on the species, everyone else is doing it - why not me! No, I wont be heading to the Whaleway Station, like some pecker suggested on Sky News.


John Hartnup said...

I reckon the whale was put there to bury some bad news the government wanted pushed into obscurity.

Actually, hold that thought. It's going in my own blog.

Steve Wharton said...

Do you want to buy a tshirt? got two on the go, the charlotte church one, and the anne robinson one "I dont like Whales"