Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday Stratford Show

The local "derby" of stratford town and leam was on today, and I was quite eager to see the game. John and Debbie disappeared on their holiday with the rest of the GSX gang and chums the night before, however Debbie was interested in turning up for the game, and I said I would pick her up from the towpath somewhere in Warwickshire.

Around 2.25pm, I received a text from Debbie saying they were about 3 miles from Leam and would I go pick her up, so after watching PFH doing a 5 point turn in the canal and then allowing debbie to jump off, we raced up to NWG to take our places. The game was chocker, with us having to park on the farmers lane about 5 minute walk from the ground. We got there 4 mins into the game and it was a little poor, but we picked up in the 2nd half, with Leam's Leon Morgan scoring with 6 minutes left to go.

I dropped Debbie off in Warwick and coasted back to leam on no fuel, then arranged to meet up with Rich in the boozer somewhere after I got warmed up and changed. It was a nice social affair, chatting, chinwagging and laughing at the local chavs. We ended up having 4 pints, I had an empty stomach so had the munchies, and with no food in, scrambled together chicken nuggets, potatoe wedges and baked beans. I also manged to get the hicups twice in a day - for the first time since about 1982 - annoying Rich mainly - which is half the laugh.

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