Saturday, March 11, 2006

Damn my Stom-luck

I was looking really forward to tonight, I had a text message from nice jess on friday afternoon saying she was back in town for the weekend. I sent a reply asking if she wanted more of the same like last time, maybe some wine, maybe some natter, maybe upgrading on the Steve Service to some food. She had a few plans, as did I, including football away, which then got called of due to a waterlogged pitch, but hey, what can you do about it.

I promised Rich I would keep an eye out for the chesterfield scores for him whie he was away in Poland, so sat about watching sky sports news, playing a bit of Lemmings and when I went to make some food, my stomach just knacked up (its a geordie phrase, dont worry) and couldnt do anything. Bloody typical, the one night I want to go out and meet up with someone, I bloody cant, so ended up getting a bath, curling up on the sofa and cursed my luck.

I send/received text messages to/from Jess, saying that she would be in town til Monday, so maybe we could catch up on Sunday at some point for a chinwag and drink. Somehow that made things a little better that I hadnt let her down, strange tho it sounds.

I watched Match of the Day, well, technically 5 minutes of it, got bored and ended up in bed around 11pm - how bad is that, I really am getting old!

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