Sunday, March 26, 2006

Number 31 : Happy Friday

I met Debbie for a bit of a swim lastnight, where I managed to do around 60 lengths, followed by a jacuzzi and a sauna, just to relax from the troubles of the working week, and set ourselves up for a relaxing weekend. We managed to get back to our respective homes earlier than normal, arranged to go for a chinese meal with John and maybe some beverages - well it is Friday, after all.

John was having a couple of beverages with his work colleagues, so we were playing catch up, having some lovely chinese beer in the Ruby restaurant. We ended up having Peking Duck pancakes for starters which was mmm, then I ended up having a Lemon and Honey Chicken with plain rice. This is pretty good and healthy for me, as normally I have fried rice, but Debbie told me I would be all fat and spotty if I had the fried rice, I am already, dont know what difference a plate of none fried rice will do!.

I promised to take John and Debbie to Wildes, where Mayo has been recorded, but when we got there, it was full of old hags and was ram packed, so we retired to the Jug and Jester, and got a bottle of wine and a pint in. John drinking the pint was saying he was tied, so left after that, leaving myself and Debbie to talk rubbish and find lovely ladies for me to talk too and flirt with. There was this foxy student, who was wearing, well, either a very low bit of underwear, or nothing at all - my mind was made up, and grinned for about 20 mins as the image of her going commando floated threw my mind.

A bottle of wine later and debbie suggested I was going a little red, a little like last week, not through blushing, so we decided to call it a night, and walked back to our homes. On the way, waving to random women and singing Blondie's "Call Me" - well, one line anyhow. Good night, relaxing and calm - for a change. Sent lovely Jess a couple of texts to see if she was OK - appears she's back next weekend - yay!

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