Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lucky Charms!

After feeling like death all day from lastnight, whats the answer to everything ? Yes, St Patrick's day and more beverage. I nearly died about 3 times during the day thanks to the hangover from hell, I have to remember I'm getting old and cant do this anymore. I managed to crawl to the local shop to grab bread, baked beans and bacon, and cook up a fried breakfast - and suddenly my bodily functions kicked in again.

The plan for the night was, curry, guiness, guiness, slurred words, then coma, and thats roughly what happened, if you insert captain PFH, ensuring that we're marched from pub to pub on time, or DO 100 SITS UP SOILDER!! Myself, John, Debbie and GazB ended up in a posh curry house at the bottom of town, and it was very nice, apart from they dont serve alchohol, so Mr John had to grab some beers from costcutters.

PFH turned up just as we finished and marched us to the Pig, where it was rammed full of nutters, and that was just the barstaff. I sent a text to Rich saying we were in the Pig and if he wanted to pop along, he was welcome. Just as he turned up, we were informed that we were on the move, I stayed with Rich for a quick drink, as he'd walked all that way. We managed to scam some SPD hats from behind the bar, even tho we drank bud and vodka and coke. We caught up with the rest of them in Bowling Green, where that was full of crazies, although, the other side was full of fit birds. We moved onto the Townie House and had a quick beverage, on the way, Rich bid us good day.

We retired, as we usually do on a Friday, to the Jug and Jester, where we drank more Guiness - mmm - we managed to grab a nice located table where we watched the world go by and we had a laugh. Before going out, I bought some Lynx, just to see if the Lynx effect actually worked, and on the way back from the toilets, the foxy fiesty barmaid asked if she could have my hat, being a little drunk I could only say yes, so in return, I got a kiss. I was gobsmacked litterally, and couldnt talk, but just give sign language, steve style, to Debbie, who managed to pick up straight away what I was talking about.

A good night had by all, esp the streetwars that was kicking off just behind us as we walked home - with a clash of 2 groups, consisting of 4 per group. Nothing like SPD when you can hear knuckle or skull noises. Coma I think!

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