Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rich's Big Night Out

Rich returned from Poland the other day, somehow managing to avoid being in the UK for his 30th birthday incase of some big scale stitch up. I did promise him that there would be no stitch up, no wind up, nothing, just a couple of gentle beers to celebrate his 30th - this still didnt work - even tho I am a man of my word.

Anyhow, after 2 days of suggesting it would be a good thing, it was too late to invite the usual suspects, ie, he decided at 4pm on the Thursday. Myself and Rich ended up in TJs for a couple of pints and took it easy, while along the street at the Jug and Jester, there was a leaving do for one of the techies from work - which we intended on meeting up later on. Nomes and Andy were supposed to meet us in TJs for a couple of swift ones, however, never appeared, so myself and Rich had a couple swift ones each, well, taking 90 mins. Well, we are getting told, you know!

After them two, we ended up in the Jug, surrounded by old familiar faces including Tom etc, so we got some more booze in, and chinwagged. I ended up talking to a different number of people, at one point someone blatently standing in front of us when we're chatting.

Nomes went paler than I am on a good day, so Andy took her home incase anything happened, we drank up and ended back in TJs for a quick beverage before rolling home to a alcohol based coma - not a very heavy night, you have to admit, maybe 5 pints and a bottle of alco-pops.

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