Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I suffered a twisted ankle a couple of weeks ago, and thought it had repaired itself, sadly this was not to be the case. Wednesday night football I took a swing at the ball, forgetting to move my standing leg a little and twisted it on the spot. Unfortunately, this was 10 minutes into a 60 minute game, and it began to hurt, quite alot, infact so much so, I tried to run to get the pain out and it was becoming worse, funnily enough. I swapped the teams around so that my team were not at a disadvantage with me being broken, sadly this wasnt enough.

At this point, everyone becomes an arm chair doctor, saying random things like "you want to but ice on that", "you want to strap that up tightly", "oh, you wont play for a couple of weeks with that now" etc etc.

I decided to take some of the advice of "Doctor sofa", unfortunately, the only items I had that were frozen included 4 x Quarter Pounders, and a bag of Frozen French Fries. So 2 hours later, smelling like I work for Burger King I was still in massive pain and decided a glass of wine and an early night was the plan.

Woke up this next morning, unable to move my foot around, luckily the Thursday lunch time game had been called off.

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