Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bad Head, Bad Loss

Two mornings in a row, two massive hangovers - that'll teach me to drink like the youth of today - oh well, at least I didnt have a 80 mile car trip to Hereford to watch the Brakes play Westfields, oh bugger I did. Its a known fact that I dont travel very well, so if I do go far, I tend to either drive or sit in the front. One eye on the tomtom, one eye on the front windscreen we gradually got hearer to Westfields, about 5 mile out, I broke the silence and asked to borrow Debbie's water bottle to rehydrate a little. I reckon another couple of miles and I would have barfed all over the place - very very close.

Skipping breakfast was probably a bad idea, but I was feeling so blah, so as soon as we turned up at the ground, paid our way in, I got myself a plate of chips, and sausage sandwich, god, it was bliss, but I was nearly ill then and there because I was so hungry. The game kicked off and you know its one of them days when the lino was calling offsides when he was 5 metres behind the line of play. The silence from the previous night broke and felt myself getting frustrated at the state of the officials, who at the time were being biased towards the home team, so much so, two identical tackles, one from each side, one team got a yellow card (us) and the other went away unpunished. We went in 2-0 up at half time after what I thought was a well ran performance, then after the restart (and a phone call from my mum), we just appeared not to give a damn.

A penalty later, a red card and 3 goals against us and the Men in Black sufficiantly pissing off the fans who drove 80 odd miles, we decided to head back home, not before telling the Ref exactly how it was - I'm not proud of the abuse, but proud to be following the Brakes, and annoyed that a man can just not bother at all - maybe too much guiness the night before. Final score - 3-2, to 2nd bottom of the league - thats football - expect upsets.

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