Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tomtom to tom's birthday

Abbi invited me to her's and tom's pad as part of Tom's birthday celebration - which was nice - certainly because I've never been there, nor seen their dog (which I promised not to kill?!). We arranged to meet people in the Star and Garter - one of my fav pubs in town, so I walked up in the bitter cold - joined my John, Debbie, GazB, MC and Lord Nelson PFH, then ended up supping on a nice pint of speckled hen - mmmm.

After being rushed to finish my pint, we walked the streets of Leamington only to pass another pub, and have a quick pint of bitter in there, and then finally reached Toms abode. We said hello to everyone in the kitchen, got our drinks sorted, when Debbie re-introduced myself to the lovely Sarah who was at the New Year party a couple of years ago. I'd made sure that when she was upset and drunk at the party, she was well looked after, although she appeared not to remember to much of it, so reminded her of the fact - so we got chatting etc etc. At one point, invited me to move into her new flat in coventry as she cant cook, or anything really - I declinded, stating it was to early in our relationship, and maybe a drink first would be better.

Half of the group played computer games, the hardcore group such as myself, continued drinking, where I chatted to Debbie and Sarah a little more, even braved the cold outside to ensure she had company while she had a smoke. She was at the Colchester v Leam game back last year, so asked if she would be interested in coming up with us lot for the next home game.

Sarah left, and I ended up chin wagging with some of the locals, taking control of John's game when he went for a piss/grab a drink, mopping up spillage from the floor and having a laugh. Debbie was then found on the front door step, looking a lovely shade of eggshell white, so while John called for taxi, I kept her company and tried to make her smile, only to find out that she was sick. When I suggested that she should steal some breezeblocks in her handbag, she lifted her head and looked like something out of Kiss, the metal band, which both made us laugh.

Fair play to John's taxi call - 10 mins after the call, we got picked up and dropped off quick smart. Sleep was needed so I entered my normal coma.

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