Friday, March 24, 2006

Ten Pin Bowling & the Gutter

Rich and I have been mates for years, and we've always said, we'd go to the Bowling place in Leam for a game, so he can give me a lesson in bowling and give me a good thrashing. This never happened, well til lastnight anyhow when we went out with a couple of people from work for a couple of beers and to stare at the lovely students.

John O's missus kindly dropped us off so we could all have beverages as its been a stressful week for most, and we walked in, avoided the rest of them to get to the bar, so loaded with pint glasses, chatted, chinwagged and got setup for the bowling. Earlier that week, I'd let slip to the students that Rich was a good bowler and had his own ball (and turned out his own hand grip) - which I accidently told him his ball called Pandy ( it turns out its called the Dark/Darth Destroyer, depends on how much booze Rich has had inside of him.

I got paired off with John O, Jay, his girlfriend Gillian, Sarah and the lovely Keely, while Rich ended up with some of the sales monkey's and Blunty (who didnt turn up). The bowling kicked off, one game, and I think everyone expected Rich to destroy everyone on the lane. Needless to say, after his first frame, I believe its called, hit the gutter twice, while I scored an 8. This was the theme for most of the night, with much piss take at Rich's expense. On my last frame, I had to get a spare or a strike, then get 2 or more, to beat everyone in our lane -which I managed, and came out with 114 or something. Mean while, next door, Rich was fuming, only reaching a total of 56, blaming it on, i) bad ribs ii) the lane being too slippy iii) the ball not being the usual standard and iiii) his ball being in the back of someone elses car.

The hardcore students left at that point, at 9pm, deciding bed was a good answer, as they were off to CentreParks in the morning, and staying up til 11pm would obviously tire them out. The older group decided beer in town was the call, so ended up in the Jug and Jester (again) for beverages and natter. We ended up staying in there til closing time and got kicked out, some went to TJs for more beverage, I decided bed at that point was probably a good thing, or I would end up in a gutter somewhere.

A great night out, even better when you win!

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