Saturday, March 11, 2006

Damn Lemmings!

I woke up feeling a bit rough today, it had nothing to do with the alcohol from lastnight, I just put it down to one of them days. I was up pretty early, around 10am, which is good for me at the weekend, so ended up surfing the web, catching up with news and chinwagging with Captain Rich out in Poland via MSN. I popped into town, took my fisheye camera and took a few random shots on the way up, and reached town - I pondered around and managed to get a glimpse of a game I've been after for a while for my PSP. Rich commented a while back saying that most PSP games are driving games or sports related, so it was nice to see that Sony had brought out the Legend that IS, Lemmings. Its a "game you can play for 5 minutes, or an hour". Yeah right, more like 4 hours while Sky Sports News was on.

Entertaining game, and yet, basic, its a little harder than the PC version, as you obviously dont have a mouse and the little wiggley joy stick doesnt actually move the cursor, it moves the screen from left to right, a mistake in my eyes. Still entertaining and gets the brain working, which in all honesty, was one of the reasons why I got it - and to hear the little fella's say "Yay", "Wahoo" and "Thank you" in their squeeky little voices.

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