Friday, March 31, 2006

Outrun 2006

I dont really like driving games, however Outrun 2006 was released today, with the added extra of multi player game, wirelessly. Rich had the rerelease for Outrun on the Xbox, many months ago, he wasnt very good at that, so what chance did we have at this new version for the playstation portable.

I had a couple of things to do in town, at lunch time, so popped into Game to pick up my version of outrun 2006. Rich had ordered his from amazon, using a gift voucher he had from months ago, however this wouldnt turn up to Tuesday / Wednesday. Worried that I would get some much needed practice, he cancelled his order and ran into town.


We havent had a real catch up, for natters, chin wags, and taking the piss out of one another, and after standing in for captain bob, you can tell he was certainly stressed. So what better way to relax, than a quiet pint and a sandwich in the local pub over lunch time, with a bit of wireless two player game of outrun 2006. Sat at the bar, part munching bacon sandwich, part supping his "Stella Shandy*", cursing and swearing everytime I overtake him in the game.

Have to say, I was well impressed with this game, mainly because of the speed and control needed, but also because of the way the multiplayer game works. One PSP hosts the game as a server, other PSP's link in via the Adhoc wireless mode, when the server is happy, you can press "Start Race", which start kicks everyone elses PSP.

Well worth the money, hopefully more friends with get a PSPand outrun, giving hours of entertainment.

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