Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Old Chestnut

It was the usual story of boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy keeps in touch with girl, girl moves to China for a year, etc etc etc. I've kept in touch with her now and again, thinking even if she came back, she wouldnt even remember me, so why bother - but I did. Anyhoo, due to the wind blowing in the right direction, some small child in Chile buying a KFC and most importantly, being logged in at that very time, Sarah (nice smile) MSN'd me, asking how I was etc etc.

While she was in China, I done her a couple of favs and she promised to take me out for a coffee, true to her word, she asked me if I fancied a coffee. Being a little flirty, I asked that if she offered alcohomol, it would be a massive deal and she did. She asked when I was free, and I said that the only day I was free this week would be Tuesday, forgetting I'd already promised to attend the new James Bond movie. Of course, I only remembered this 3 nanoseconds after she'd logged out to finish one of her essays. Once I managed to get hold of her on MSN again, I dropped her an IM asking if I could get a spare ticket, would she like to come with us (half expecting a no, go bugger off, drink, thats it - nothing else) but she sent a reply saying that it was good and to drop her a text.

I spoke to Jim the next morning to find out how he booked the tickets and if he could help me get a spare one, with that wind in the same direction, that small child getting finger licking good in Chile, Jim replied saying that Troy had dropped out and I could have the spare ticket - Wahhoo!

Half of me didnt really recall what Sarah looked like fully - we were both boozed up, but remember she had a fantastic smile and lush body. Thanks to that child getting slightly fatter in Chile, she looked absolutely stunning. We got to the seats and there was only room for 1 extra, rather than 2, so it allowed us to go talk on another area of cinema seating and catch up. We got on pretty well, I offered to look at her laptop that was broken and we settled down to the film.

After the film, we walked in our directions and she said that she was turning off, of course, I offered to walk her home, but she politely declined (dont know what that means in terms of interested/not interested), said it would be nice to go out for a drink with me sometime. I once again offered to look at her laptop if she dropped it around.

Nice to smile again, thats all I would say, nice to smile.

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