Saturday, November 11, 2006

Old?? Meh Space!

If anyone really knows me, then they'll know that I dont often approach women for numbers, chitchat etc etc, so last saturday when myself and Rich were out was a little bit of a strange night. I'd rushed down from Coalville back to Leamington to catch the 2nd half of NUFC v Charlton - a relegation 6 pointer and agreed to meet Rich for a couple of beers. There is a number of barmaids that are pretty foxy at the Well, and there is one that caught my eye, mainly because of a foxy smile and good sense of humour. After the shambles of the game, we took out spot at the bar and spoke to her, Rich doing me the fav of being completely crap at music, to allow me to correct him and look good. For example, we played our usual game of "what band is playing in the background?" which to be fair to Rich, anything in the last 12 months he's bad, go back to the 80's and he'll beat me hands down.

So after having a laugh at Rich's "is it the magic letters?". "Surely its slimboy fat" and "its the Cooks isnt it?", it turns out that me and this lass have a couple of things in common. It also appears that the bloke behind the bar working with her is after some "fun" because he's bored with his stunningly sexy girlfriend and wants to ruin my chance with this lass. So, I asked if she fancied coming out the next day to come watch the kids play football, just for a couple of hours, or fancies a drink. This was looking positive as she was asking what time, when would we back etc, so I suggested that because she's working til 3am, that she sends me a text if I give her my number if she cant meet me.

Turns out, that she lives around the corner from me, so I suggest that if she's interested, I meet her outside the supermarket. Insert a couple of days of no communication, and Rich working away in the background to make things nice and rosey, but sheepishly said that she's said that I'm too old for her. Fair play you know, a little shallow in a way, and sure if she's actually given it ago, it would be fun.

To counter this, and after having a midweek drink with Rich, I appear to have got a little drunk and registered myself to myspace to make myself feel hip and street. Rich feels pretty bad, to which I cant really understand, I got over one of my self confessed problems by actually asking someone out, and giving someone my number. Its all about ratios, some you win, most you lose by all accounts.

Anyhow, back to

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