Monday, May 28, 2007

Cats & Quiz

After doing my usual "i'm so bored, but hungover" visit of youtube this morning, skipping past angry Emo's, bits of Lost & Heroes I came across e-kitten.

I'm now pondering going back to bed, thanks to the Robbins Well Quiz finishing at around 23.30, and clowns coming in singing badly on Karaoke. We managed to win the quiz, thanks to some fantastic inside knowledge on music, sport and general knowledge. The prizes ranged from more booze (8 pints worth + bottles of tesco's cheap french lager), water pistols and something else. I appear to have come back with 2 x old fasioned pint glasses, but not really sure how that happened. MMM praise by Mr Bank for being so famous, that we have a day off after him.

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