Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh what do you do..!

I admit it, I really really like someone, and have done for a while - just not seen her around. I kind of asked her out (probably 5 months ago or something) and to be brutally honest, I was gutted when I didnt get an explaination. She has this stunning smile, a smile that just makes me grin (I'm grinning just thinking about the smile alone) and to conclude stunning all over.

Anyhoo, with only an email address and no other means of contacting her - do I risk emailing her, asking if she fancies going out? or what ? all very confusing I tell you. With her being stunning, chances are she'll get snapped up by someone else, but I don't want to appear to be overly eager. Oh, this is where the times of the internet and the are just bad and wrong ... in olden days, you could bump into each other, have a cup of tea and be watching a movie at the cinema.

I deffo think I need to leave it a day or so, as I don't wish to appear too eager (emailed her lastnight). If someone could come out with a book to answer these questions - they'd make a small fortune - maybe thats what I should do.

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missy said...

I say wait and when she replies next time, just invite her to exchange mobys.