Saturday, August 06, 2005


I popped into the office yesterday, partly to do some techie work in the machine room, and mainly to wave the lovely Donny Bird that is called Victoria. Plan was to hit the Cape Room around midday, have some food a couple of pints and present her with a gift, then bugger off home. Basically, thats what really happened, after a couple of diet cokes and my bacon sandwich - and lots of banter, one of the questions was "What is your best memory of this year, Vicky?"
Of course, being a typical Donny bird, 9 out of the 10 memories involved her being completely squiffy down the boozer and being labelled "chinese girl", for having the ability to down about 6 full plates of chinese buffet AND still being so slim. She was presented with a pink mini ipod, we clapped, the end. Bye Vicky, you're a lovely lass and will be missed - make sure you get your ass over here come out on the booze with us!
We asked her to come over to Leam, but sadly she had some plans, so arranged to meet up with Captain Rich and Admiral Blunty (he doesnt like being called Cabin Boy - dont know why?!) later on in town. I left Rich in the boozer and walked back with Blunty suggesting that if Rich wanted a lift, I would be leaving pretty shortly after I've done some work. After walking out the door at 3pm - I felt the stress and frustration just float away ... nice feeling to have once in a while.
Met Rich and strolled down to the Well, which was pretty quiet, but nice quiet, had a couple of beers, chatted with the bar staff then recieved a text from Blunty saying he was on his way, with Tobes, and Jamie. The three of them turned up looking alittle mortal, which we laughed and continued to drink - nice chilled night, not a heavy session at all, so I was back for midnight and caught up with some sleep.
This morning :- Banging headache! Also a Scooby Doo nutella empty glass which I use for shots and spirits, smells of strong MSR - that'll be why.

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