Friday, August 26, 2005


Lastnight marked the official leaving of a certain Matt Fursal. He is something between a man in drag, a shaggy dog and a failed Beach Boy - but he's a nice lad. JT cleverly found the slowest restaurant in the world and picked the time when it was the most busy - thus, allowing us to be fed and watered in the record time of about 4 hours. I do like Piccolino's, and after Friday nights experience, I wanted to act quick and put the misery and pain behind me. So, as part of an experiement, I had the same as friday night, to problem determinate what went wrong.

Before hand, I arranged to meet Blunty and Johno in the Jug for a quick one - however they only turned up at 7:25 - when we had to be in the pizza place for 7:30 - nice.

Anyhoooo, we got our food, fursal was made to drink a combination of red wine, white wine, champers, lager - all mixed up in the glass together - in one. We paid the bill of around 120 quid between the 15 or so of us (including sales monkey's, technical gurus (well me and rich) and some of the lovely students (including the lovely, but full of cold, sarah). We then ventured across to the Jug and Jester where someone had the great idea of bunging 10 quid in the kitty if you wanted a drink, and then sitting outside in the cold and rain where the heaters didnt work - nice.

A couple of older students turned up and got boozed up - one of which abusing Johno, which nearly came to blows - I tried to defuse the situation by accidently tripping up and pouring 10cms of Fosters over the back of his tshirt - however, and luckily, it was teflon coated and just ran off. Fursal had more drinks and got wasted, then - thank jesus - Gold by Spandau Ballet came on the PA system - allowing myself and Rich to do a loud X Factor style introduction and getting the rest of the pub involved.

We got kicked out of there (i think) where we decided upon either sugar, the well or rios - rios was decided although Fursal got lost and ended up in sugar (he thinks) and we ended up hooking up with a 2nd IBM leaving do in Rios where most of the management was getting slightly sozzled. One of my old colleagues was in there, and i got talking to her - only for Rich to suggest I was on the "tap" which of course I wasnt.

We stumbled out at about 1:40am, where Rich decided to get a taxi because he was "Si Cald" leaving me to walk home in the summer warmth.

Slept in until 9:15 and felt rubbish - lost my voice and struggled to get milk from Somerfield - and got asked directions to the plumbers, only for the old guy thinking he got directions from Barry White.

Rich has some photos of the night somewhere - a link will appear here shortly.

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