Saturday, August 20, 2005

Not so Happy Friday

The usual friday tradition kicked off when I suggested to John and Debbie that we went for a Pizza and a quiet drink, before getting an early night. Being stitched up with potentially 5 days in Nottingham is not something I was really banking on to be honest - but its happened, just would have liked a bit more support behind me.
We ended up going out the bottom of town, where I had one of my fav starters (Garlic bread with cheese), one of my fav drinks (Peroni) in a proper glass, following by my fav Pizza. After finishing the Pizza, I knew that something was up - but just couldnt put my finger on it - and in reality, I should have just knocked the nail on the head and went home to chill. We ended up in the Jug for a bottle of wine between us, then a 2nd, then eventually a 3rd - and I felt fine - a little drunk, but fine - then we headed home around 11pm - an early night.
When I did get home, I went to bed, feeling a bit shocking, then couldnt sleep, after getting up and watching TV and drinking loads of water, I got even worse and headed to the bathroom to be yucky. This made me feel a little better, but was so hot - so opened the window - and collapsed into some kind of coma - I'm assuming. Nice, might have to cancel that test drive in the morning!

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