Sunday, August 14, 2005

Old friends meet new friends

After cooking Steak, new roasted potatos and veg, and downing nearly a full bottle of wine each, we mulled over the hugh amount of options that we had. Blunty was having a birthday bash over in Kenilworth, we'd already been invited out to a few parties in Leam and based on the fact that I had already been drenched once today, Pip was getting knackered from her trip down and Leamington was closer, we had to sadly rearrange a beer session with Blunster.
I gave Rich a call to find out what he was up too, so we agreed we would have a quiet one and then have an early one .. depending on what was happening and who we saw in town. So, if by magic, we ended up in the Well, me drinking Carling, Pip and Rich drinking Stella. Now, Philippa (Peej) has already told me in the past that Stella makes her mental - so suggested this - and got one of her stares. In fact, I suggested it a number of times during the night, but just got "the" stare back - so thought to myself, you've done what you can to help a friend out. After at least 4 more stella's, Philippa was looking a little worse for wear, based on the fact, me and Rich were now on shorts - and already up to this point, Rich was stitching me up with one of my best and oldest friends with comments like "Yes, Steve likes girls with big breasts, what do you think to that Philippa". Of course, there was nowt I could do or say, as my perception was being moulded for me.
At the point where Peej had her head on the bar with her eyes closed, only to wake up, dance for 2 seconds and then return back to her bar-slumber, we thought it best to call it a night - and it was technically 1am. On the way back, Peej was threatening to hit Rich, so he done some fancy jig to get out of the way, only to walk into them metal knee high boxes on the shop walls, doing heft damanage.
Getting back was OK, getting Peej sorted and getting her off to sleep was another - after an argument of where who was sleeping who, waving her fists, I was told (by a mentalist drunk woman) I would have the bed, she would have the sofa. 20 mins later, I see a shadow in the dark, grumbling, so assume she's had enough and wants to share the bed. No no no no, this is Philippa sleep walking, walking into my computer desk, swearing under her sleepy breath and then heading to the toilet. I thought she had headed to the toilet to pray to the god of all toilet waters, so decided to give her a little time. After 20 mins, I decided to make sure she was OK, only to knock on the door, the door opening with Philippa asking what I wanted - to which she returned to bed.

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