Sunday, August 28, 2005

Saturday Take Away

Stayed in lastnight, decided to get an early night - but never happened. After Rich took us to see Saharah a couple of months ago, I bought it on DVD as it was a pretty good film, entertaining and easy watching. So after getting my act into gear, having food and poured a glass of white wine - I sat down to watch it. I blinked and it had finished and was around 22:30 - then sat down to watch 50 best sketches on E4 - blinked again and it was 00:30. At that point, I wasnt ready for sleep so had a can of san miguel, followed by a large amount of whisky.
Bumped into Rich on MSN - who must have been having a post-football-badmood, who decided he was gonna take it out of me - for some reason - which is always nice. After 20 minutes of abuse, I decided to call it a day and play SimCity til none o'clock.

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