Friday, August 12, 2005

Dalek from the Stella System

After lastnights socialable session, my head was slamming from early on this morning. So much so I must have woke up around 4am, still pretty drunk, not knowing where I really was. Made things a little difficult to navigate when I had both my eyes closed ( I assume ) and navigating from my bed, half way across the room, then getting lost in the midst of my sham. I decided at that point in my drunken haze, I might have a sleep in - after all, long weekend, why not start on the Friday. Of course, my alarm went off at 8:45, so I snoozed, eventually resetting it to 9:15 - and rolled over - then shot up in my bed - remembering I had arranged a 09:00 meeting to resolve some issues - the time was 09:10 already - so having to apologise when I get on the call, people ask how sorry I was. "So sorry, my head was hurting" was the only witty comment I could come up with.
Rich and Blunty agreed to meet in town to sort out JT's Kid's Christening Present (Teddy) - so I said I would put some money in - after all, JT is a very generous man, and has invited me out for plenty of customer nights out - even tho I dont support his customers, well really anyhow. So after shamming around in Satchwells for an hour with lunch and the likes - we discovered that we were talking about old computers - BBC Model B, RM Nimbus, C64 (Rich is the Daddy of retro consoles - apparently) - then Rich annouces that when he woke up this morning, his internet browser was pointed at ebay, and searching for retro consoles - god knows what he actually bought.
On the way into town, I thought I would pop by a shop that I found the other weekend - which sells retro toys. I had noticed a number of Dr Who products - the likes of mini sets, a talking K9 and Tom Baker - and the best thing in the world so far - a clockwork Dalek...

Exterminate! Escalate!!

Then came the most painful 45 mins of my life - choosing a card and a present for the Christening - I thought I was pretty nifty at buying cards - but, for some reason every card I picked up, appeared to be "Gay" or "Bent" so we ended up with something from the 1870s. We managed to get some gift vouchers from Early Learning Centre, to which the comedy threesome took the piss out of the assistant and the music playing in the background. When Bob the Builder came on - Rich announces to the already blushing assistant - "You want to put some ACDC on love" - just strange, dont know where his mind is sometime - well actually I do - and its not good.

Because we didnt have a pen to write the card, the ratecard terrorist called Blunty decided HSBC was the answer and we borrowed the pen that you use to fill out the paying ins etc - much to the delight of the bank employees and customers.
Sadly I cant make the event, as I have Philippa in tow - in a good way - and of course, its Newcastle's first game of the season, playing the Arsenal - with no strike force, gaps all of the team, I'm sure its going to be an eventful fun packed game.

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