Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Blunty!

After dropping Philippa back off at my gaff, I hooked up with Headworth and Blunt (both in best suits) at Bar 44 in Leamington where JT was having his son's Christening. He was already a little worse for wear, but Rich and Blunty looked semi OK - considering they started drinking at midday. So kindly accepting one of my "two quiet beverages" we watched the cricket on the back wall - I never really got on with cricket, mainly because I never followed it at school/uni and dont really know all the rules. After my second of my "two quiet beverages" there was talk of just heading home and calling it a day, but you could see the glint in Blunty's eyes to suggest otherwise.
We ended up in Satchwells to try out some of the Kronenbourg Blanc (KB) that Rich has been harping on about for weeks - Pippa said she would take me - but as you know from the previous story - she is currently in a boozed up state on my sofa. So, I get one of these, while the lads get their own drinks and we sit down. Good thing about Sundays in Satchwells - its not full of chavs, drunken idiots or prozzie's - so we were able to chat and chill a little. Rich was piping on about how he was going to go home and have an early one - but we knew it would never happen, so after a couple of minutes checking out where the security cameras were, I asked blunty to shove the KB glass in his jacket, as I knew Philippa would like it as a present.
We head on down to the Well, all now a little light headed, only to be comfronted by the Quiz - both myself and Rich licked our lips - but restrained from taking part - only suggesting to one of our old team mates that we would help out if and when we good. Rory was kind enough to take my request up of singing happy birthday to Blunty in the Well, where he was a little shocked that everyone started to sing it - Rich ensuring he is nowhere to be blamed for this. We continued with the lager, then onto the shots with the quiz still on going and it was getting tight, but with the new General Knowledge Monkey, Blunty, and Musical & Sport Guru's of Steve and Rich, they managed to get the prize money and tickets to the Apollo Cinema - we didnt get to see any of this.
We were a little drunk at this point, but continued to hear some of the Acoustic night, only for Blunty to ask if we fancied a curry. Rich passed, but I said I would, as I was hungry, and I would take some back for Philippa so she wasnt sharving to death. Rich passed and said he would stay to finish his drinks. At this point, myself and Blunty had swapped some clothes around, somehow, where I was wearing his tie and jacket and he was in just a white shirt. We also managed to gain a straw each, only to wear them like "bouncer" mic's so on the way out, I somehow worked out it would be funny to ID everyone coming in, and wishing everyone on the way out a good night. I thought I was doing a fantastic job to be honest, although the "friendliest bouncer in the world was shaking his head and muttering under his breath "Ignore him, please". Rich walked out looking somewhat confused at the situation, walked off in the direction of his home, shaking his head. To which, myself and Blunty, straws intact, went for a curry ordering three meals - one to take out for the lovely Peej.
We had a nice chinwag, nice meal and some dodgy drinks - and thankfully I was wearing Blunty's jacket, coz he got his white shirt covered in Curry. We asked for the bill, only for Blunty to wave his credit card at the waiter and getting "Sorry sir, cash or cheque only here". Luckily, I had enough to foot the bill, and stole his jacket as down payment. We bid each other good night and staggered off in opposite directions.
On returning to my gaff, all the lights were out, so silently (Warning :- might have sounded like an elephant) crept into the flat, trying not to wake Pippa up. Of course, she awoke, to me announcing that I had her curry, and a suprise. She kinda twisted her nose in displeasure at me and asked what curry I had for her, to which I replied "some chicken stuff" - again, a nose twisting look which just says "Pissed off, need sleep, go away". Trying to make things better, I tell her I got her a glass, imagining she would be dead happy - of course, this got a nose twisting look as well - so write the night off by trying to get into bed. Then, "You didnt go out with a jacket on did you? and where did you get that tie from? and why on god's earth do you have a straw in your ear?!?"
Bad news, you can just imagine Philippa's perception of me has completely changed .. To Bed!

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