Sunday, August 07, 2005

Millenium-ummy - MMM

John and Debbie wanted to have a welcome home meal, so how else can you celebrate the day of rest, and your first couple of hours back, than down the Curry House. We met Tomsk and Abbi down the Jug, had a pint then went to Millenium for a spot of food and some beverages. I of course, decided to drink health drinks *.
After some banter, tales from afar and more health drinks * - John, Debbie and I decided to have a couple more pints, while Tom and Abbi left to tend to their rather large puppy before it ate their house and street.
All in all, I've come to the conclusion, John and Debbie visited;
  • A rather large waterfall that borders America and Canada - which I'd never heard of
  • A mount with faces of famous presidents
  • Lots of petrol stations to find the craziest fizzy drink product

After much fun and laughter (mainly at my expence) we returned to the Canal House Residence, parted our ways and retired to chill. A very nice night out, very relaxing and and lush company on a lovely Sunday Night

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