Thursday, August 04, 2005

Maybe not the balls, but certainly the guts

I arranged to play football at lunch time, the 2nd time in 36 hours - and its a different pace of game - or so it was last time I played Thursday Lunchtime. For most IBMers, lunch is either canteen, the pub (The Cape) or in most cases in this day and age, working - so its a nice welcoming break to get out and get some fresh air, and technicaly weeze alot. The last time, it was a good mixture of oldish and youngish people, fast and slow, good and bad - so you knew roughly who you could take on. Today was slightly different - there were alot of young lads, lads who turn up to Wednesday nights for my game, so you know they are well good. Someone decided to split people up as Students -vs- The Rest, aka, the young kids who have skill, and the croanies who dont have skill and pace. After about 10 mins, it because apparent that the students either a) couldnt be arsed or b) werent actually that good together and c) we gel'd well together.
Needless to say, I was running down the left wing, while one of the lads was running down the right, completely unselfishly, passed the ball across the park, but with a little height - bounched off my stomach, into the back of the net. I couldnt stop laughing, well apart from the fact I was winded for 2 mins, but we continued from then on - going up to 4-0 - when they scored, and everyone assumed it was gonna be the calm before the storm, however we continued to score - taking us up to 8-1 when the students couldnt walk any longer. I managed to get two, setting up a number and unlucky to get my hatrick.
Got back home - found a postcard in the post from John and Debbie on their jollydays - with a rather interesting bit of masking tape on the front with pen marks - interested into finding what thats all about - but looks a little like this :-

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