Monday, August 29, 2005

Times are tough, then you die - or score a goal

I'm pleased that when things are down in the dumps - friends support me - and dont turn to the route of all evil, money. Well in an ideal world - that would be *so* lush, however, you havent been out drinking with Rich when his hand is hovering over online betting dot com. Thankfully, I'm no fool * when it comes to being loyal to either mine, or a friends team.
We'd arranged to meeting the Hogs head, mainly due to captain Johno taking some dislike to the Well because of the Guiness Cold tap being shafted - so we moved up town and arranged to meet there. I'd previously met up with the ex for a social coffee & cake, and talked about a few things, omitting some misery on both our parts, and then left at around 3.30pm to meet Johno and Rich. I was a little late, but not too late, but there was Criiicket on, which I've been interested in as a tail end "glory hunter"
Anyhoooo, after missing out on sunday lunch there, and Johno failing to turn up, Rich and I headed back down town, with sweat on our foreheads and a need for drink, and a goal (me in the fav of NUFC). We got to the Well, where they were showing the Criiiicket due to their C4 channel being off the air from a normal TV state - so Sky Sports was being dropped - DAMN THEM!!
We ended up in the Jug, me failing to get Sunday Lunch, and in the process of getting some Bacon, Cheese and Chicken dish, missed the Man U goal, putting us 1-0 behind. Anyhooo, the usual kicked off, and we lost 2-0 and Rich had a bet on NUFC loosing 3-0 to the Manure - not making his day.
Nevermind, the Cricket result came in about 35 mins after the NUFC result - and the England won back the Ashes from the Oz - oh, makes it ALL ok.

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