Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Some things in life are free....

... Well you would think .... wouldnt you ? Certainly wasnt a free afternoon, it certainly wasnt a free shot on target, it certainly wasnt trying to help the ex out in a traumatic spot that shes in - and it certainly wasnt that bottle of wine I drank while I watched NUFC being pulled apart in the Intertoto Cup. Honestly - the facts are ;
  1. You cant sell / loan loads of players out of the club, and not buy the same amount, if not a) better, b) the same level of ability - and expect to get somewhere. Yes we've got Parker and Emre - but lost Bellamy, Robert and 2/3 GOOD defenders
  2. You cannot do business on probably the biggest day of the season so far (yes, match day 4) - couldnt you wait til the weekend to do the loan deal with Butt ???
  3. The way we are - and solid fact - we woll not progress in the table - and the board and manager has to accept that
  4. You dont pull apart a team and expect results (i could be proved wrong here - with a bit of luck) - you replace people and gently introduce them to the fold. You cant expect Parker and Emre - to replace Bellamy/Butt/Robert in one day - but you cant expect them to perform miracles!

So after a 2nd half of misery! and having to pay for a bottle of wine at the correct - I decided I needed some food. I previously played football and went around the ex to ensure she was ok - or if I could do anything to help (something of which has left me eating away for 2 weeks - and now a little relief off my shoulders) - in between being *shoved* off the ball and landing on the base of my spine and knacking my arm up with astro-turf burns.

Anyhoo, what did I get free? Garlic Naan Bread - Buy one, get one free! fantastic - no the size of Canada! MM - Canada!

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