Friday, August 05, 2005

Don't know a good thing when you've got it!

If you read the sports pages in the papers, some things you tend to take for granted as a tabloid story which has been made up for a laugh, some you worry that could impact your club, then others that appear to spiral into effect that could and will become true. I'm starting to get worried about the Jermaine Jenas (JJ) is about to walk out on Newcastle United. Claims that he's living in a goldfish bowl (something I can relate too - but wish I was getting paid 40K+ a week for it) and trying to plug himself a move out of Tyneside down south, or to Man U.

JJ - Holding his breath in the goldfish bowl - yesterday.

There are supposed to be 4 clubs interested in him ... Middlesboro - why ? Spurs - er WHY ? talk about a backwards step, Man U and Arsenal - as per the norm and you have to expect a player of JJs ability to have a head turn when these clubs are interested. What I cant understand is why do this to a club a week before the premiership is about to start. Its not like we have enough problems to look at, Souness for one, without someone trying to engineer a way out - esp when he is a player that the team is being built around. Lets just hope the club stick out and talk him into staying, and lets face it, if he is in a goldfish bowl, he'll forget within 3 seconds that he wants to leave.

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