Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oh Arr, We Are Leamington Spa

The Brakes were playing over in stratford tonight, and as a continuation to the football themed habits of Canal House, John and Debbie invited me over to the away game. Getting in from Nottingham allowed me to get something to eat quickly, showered and more or less changed as I met them in the street with shoe laces undone and jeans about to fall.
We got to the ground (eventually due to John's "Map in his head" navigation) and it was a little smaller and a little more old school than what the Windmill ground is like - but still nice. It appears that the Brakes continued their Saturday game without thinking, and scored in the 5th minute. I've always thought that away fans are always a little more vocal, coming from someone who attends more away games than I do home games - and they are always more sarcastic and funnier. With chants like;
Shakespeare - he was gay
Oooh arrrr, we are leamington spa
Two nil, or not two nil (when the brakes went 2-0 up)
and strangely enough, the theme to Terry and June also was hummed - which was scary.
One of the funniest comments was from Captain Rich, who claimed that I was glory hunting my local team - just because they've won twice when I've been to see them and comparing them to the Chelsea of none league football.
Anyhooo, the Brakes won 3-1 tonight, taking them to the top of the league, winning all their games this season - COME ON!

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