Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Long and Winding Road to Wembley (or Cardiff)

Being involved in the FA Cup this early in the season was a bit of a novelty, although, give it a couple of years, NUFC might be playing in the cup at this time of year. Leam FC played Sutton Town in the FA Cup Prims and managed to get a crowd of around 530 together - which is pretty impressive. The ground was humming with some kind of hamster smell, which would put a number of people off, but we braved it and the breeze soon stopped and the sun came out.
We took our usual spot on the right wing for the 1st half, having a laugh with the locals and seeing Leam FC disappointed that they couldnt break down Sutton. There was none of the punting it down the channel with someone midfield being able to run onto the wing, beating his man and crossing it - rather frustrating.
Couple of highlight tho, the "Lino" in the first half, next to us - looked like Jimmy Carr - much to our amusement - while running up and down the line, getting abuse from the locals - he just grinned and laughed to himself. Another, two sexy girls, holding hands - mmm - Leam FC, supporting my naughty mind.
After chips and diet coke, I pondered over a Leam FC car sticker/scarf/football - but didnt, then half time and moving further down to take the mic out of their keeper a little more. Another 45 minutes of frustration for the home team, making it 0-0 after full time - taking the game into a replay on Tuesday (I believe). Still an entertaining afternoon - usual chants, luckily no NUFC misery to bring me back down to earth.

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