Saturday, August 20, 2005

Class Roots Football

What better way to spend the weekend, than avoiding your own football misery, by endulging in someone elses misery. Due to the fact I didnt sleep much lastnight - thanks to food poisoning, I wasnt really in the mood to do much, other than lazing around - so it was a welcome suprise when John and Debbie asked if I wanted to join them to stand in the sun and watch Leamington FC (The Brakes)

John and Debbie :- Football Focus Pundits

We got up to the New Windmill ground around 20 mins before kick off, took in the sun, took photos, and had a bit of banter. It was lovely and warm, in contrast to the last time I was there, when it was -342 oC so it was nice to get the arms out - shame I didnt take shorts - but I was still shaking and sounding like Barry White. Last season, Leam FC got promoted and are favs for getting promoted again this season, and you can see that they are serious about it. The fans group have taken over the shop & the catering - thus punting the money back into the team - which is great to see.

Flood Lights - for them cold winter evening matches

Leam kicked off, and after 7 mins, were 2-0 up due to dodgy defending, terrible keeping and the oppositions left back preoccupied with the supports on the touch line and the "lino". He wasnt getting into the game at all, and reminds me about when Newcastle played Boro a couple of seasons ago, where the Toon players spend 90 mins just arguing and talking to the ref about decisions. After about 35 mins, Rocester conceded probably the funniest grass root goal you could see - someone from the Leam right wing, chipped all the defence, the keep takes the ball in his hands and drops it .. complete clanger. Its what all xmas "football blooper" dvd's are about to be fair. The keeper then had the rest of the 1st being abused by the home fans - and their number 3, was still arguing the toss over a foul.

By this time we'd had a portion of chips each and a diet coke - and half time was closing in and was time for the raffle tickets - we didnt win, although its £7.50 a year to become a member of the supports group - bargain, and I'm considering it.

2nd half at the New Wind Mill ground


One of the funniest football one liners I've heard for a long time was when the away keeper was about to take a free kick from just outside his box, the ref shouts over, "Keeps, hold on to the ball for a minute will you!?". To which the keep (already having a shocking game) shouts back, "That would be a fucking first" - wearing a cheeky little grin. He got a good round of aplause from home and away supports - which didnt stop him conceding another goal in the last minutes of the 2nd half to make it 4-0 after full time.

On the way back, John and Debbie took me on a magical mystical tour of where they used to live, and a trip to ASDA - which I found amusing (being an ex-employee of ASDA) and bought 35 quids worth of random stuff - including lightbulbs, DVD disks, popcorn flavoured milk and nutella - mm Nutella (tm)

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