Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Season Starts HERE!

I prepared some breakfast for myself and Pippa, she wasnt looking in a good state at all, so I thought I would just leave her to it, but make sure she had everything she needed - I'm that kind of a friend. We were heading towards noon and knowing that Newcastle United's first game of the season was against Arsenal and was on Sky Sports, this was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday - down the Pub.
Heading towards 1pm, it became apparent, that I was to blame for "breaking Philippa" lastnight for all the booze that she recieved. It was also my fault that she developed crazy red eye, and also my fault she hadnt packed her black and white top so she could support the toon. Anyhoo, after almost minutes of convincing her that the pub was the only answer, she gets showered and we ponder down to the Well, both a little hungry. We litterally got there when they opened the doors, however, food would take about 75 mins, so we pulled up the best seats in the house (covered in crumbs and lager from lastnight) and settled into the game. Initial thoughts were that we were playing well, too well in fact, in fact, reminds me of the Keegan era, where all the players pulled together and helped each other out. We had a strong defence, strong midfield, however lack of attack up front - i'm sure this will be resolved by the close of the transfer window.
One of the lasses behind the bar commented when I ordered the food at half time, that I'm such a lovely bloke when I'm sober, but become a bit of a piss taker when I've had a couple. She also suggested that I try using my baby blue eyes and blond hair innocent trick when I'm a little drunk - DAMN! FOUND OUT AT LAST!!!!!
Towards the end of the game, where we fell foul to bad refereeing decisions, I recieved a text from Rich (who was out with Blunty, at JT's son's christening) asking me if Philippa and I wanted to go for a couple of beers to say congrates to JT, and wish Blunty a Happy Birthday. I mentioned this to Philippa, who turned green slightly and said "Need Bed" - only fair to someone who is "Broken"

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