Monday, August 15, 2005

Supermarket Sweep!

Lastnight, I managed to successfully break myself, so much so that popping to the local shop to get some milk hurt - and trying to avoid anyone I knew, mainly due to my state was impossible, as I bumped into Next Door John. Always great to see and speak to him, but when you're about to be violently sick in the middle of the street - not always a good view.
Anyhoo, after getting showered and making myself and Pip a cup of tea, we get to the train station, hopping onto a train into Brum to do a bit of retail therapy. We ended up in the Bull Ring and flounced around alot, popping into the Apple store, pondering a purchase of remote control headphones - but decided against it. We got to selfridges and split up, Pip looking at girlie stuff, me looking at blokes stuff - and within nano seconds, I picked up enough clothing to cost around 250 quid - minimum, but after trying on some, decided against some of it. Picking up new Ted Baker tshirts is one of my hobbies - but cant help it, I just like the clothing - and at that point bumped into Pip again, who was holding a pen worth 2quid or something.
We wandered downstairs to the food emporium, where my stomach turned when we went past Ant Pepper, Scorpion in Wine and Wasps in Honey. Luckily for me, the Verve Cliquot stand was pretty close so I chuckled to myself to try getting the previous images out of my head. Just before lunch, I picked up another tshirt and Philippa drooled over shoes - then we headed to somewhere that reminded me of home - Greggs! I remember going to the Newcastle United matches, warming myself up on sausage rolls to keep me alive for the duration of the game - mmm.
Managed to find a magazine rack that I liked - I've been after one, well two, for about 4 months - but dont like the basket style ones - but prefer the "X" style ones - picked up two in Muji for 15 quid each - simple, but looks tidier and fab!
We had a wander around house of frazer, purchased a couple of nifty items, then about to head towards the station when we pasted O'Neils surf shop - Philippa picking up a couple of tshirts and a pair of socks - me picking up a bargain in a jacket type top. It said 65 quid on the label, which kinda put me off - but thought, what the hell, so decided to take it - nice to get to the till and them asking for 40 quid, then on the way out, setting off all the security alarms.
When we got back, we were both in no fit state to go out, so we ordered in dominos pizza, had the remaining glasses of wine that we had left - then chilled out in front of TV - to which I ended up leaving Pip to sleep and get an early night - rock and roll at 30 hey ? Enjoyable day, really liked it, spent a fortune & had a scream.

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