Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Wednesday again, and yet again, after a crap day at work - I decided to change my habits. When I dont have access to John and Debbie's lovely Seat "Sophie" I tend to get the 66 Bus into the bottom end of Warwick and walk up. Its not that far, prob about 10 min walk - but the same week in, week out. So weighing up my options, I decided to either walk over (40 min walk) or get the train in from around the corner. After research, it only takes a 4 min train journey over into Warwick - so thought it was idea - with also the added bonus of - being on a train.
Expecting the price to be around the same as the 66 (around £1.70 single) - I was pleasantly suprised to find out that a one way ticket cost 80p - lovely. The only slight knock back was the train in front was late, so therefore the knock on effect happened - but no matter, 4 mins up the road, I was off and paying for the pitch. Although, I forgot my football boots, so thankfully, I borrowed Paul's spare pair of trainers.
After running around the hummid pitch for 90 mins, I felt something funny in my foot - when I got back, found a burst blister on my food - risking my thursday lunch time football tomorrow. Rather a poor excuse for a game for us, although I missed about 3 goals, scored one, set a couple up and accidentl scored an owngoal due to my velocity - roll on tomorrow.

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