Thursday, August 11, 2005

Got to catch 'em all - I Booze you Pikachu!

A stressful week, is putting it mildly - so it was nice to get out with Capitanyos Rich and Chief Chirpa Blunty and have a sociable drink. We popped up to the Lounge at around 21:30, and had a couple of pints, then a wander down to the Well, where apart from the live band playing at a massive volume - so we quickly drank up and popped over to The Jug for a sociable quiet drink. Rich then announced that he was heading off for an early night, so myself and Blunty continued talking about random and indepth stuff. Everything from BBC Model B computers, feelings to lasses, Morgan Spiced Rum and god knows what else.
We bumped into an old fling of mine from about 2 or 3 years ago, with one of the lads from work - she looked pretty fit, but certainly wouldnt go there again and to be honest, I doubt if she would be interested again.
Pika Pika!

Anyhoo, after chucking out time, we used the magical key to the Well again, where it was a little more quieter, and a little cooler - so we sat there, sipping Morgan Spiced Rum, chin wagging and trying not to wind up Larry, but also trying to make her grin - never works - ever.
Nearly time for Philippa - should have really spent the night clearing up, rather than getting boozed up - whoops.

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