Monday, August 22, 2005

Back to School, Again

I dont mind going to new places, in fact, I quite enjoy going to new places, meeting new people and experiencing different working environments. I was stitched up a right good one by being asked to work in Nottingham - that I didnt mind - I also didnt mind the early start (OK). What I dont like is the you're "back at school style" of introductions.
I reached the office around 10am, after getting lost once, and finding out that the person I was due to meet was taking the day off due to working all weekend. So getting to reception being asked the question of "Who are you supposed to be meeting?" I had to reply "Matt, but he isnt coming in today". After the second question of "Do you anyone else here?" and replying "no, and its Monday, so I'm even more confused" - the receptionist, sexy tho she was, didnt appriciate my sarcastic conversation.
Luckily for me, one of the DBAs I worked with years ago walked in - so I joined him - and true back to school introductions, was shown around by the big boy, shown where the toilets were, the drinks machine - and luckily for me - where the bulk of the attractive women were - purr.
Imagine lunchtime, in a cashless environment - where you cant get a visitors card to put some cash on - and imagine not taking sandwiches - I was starving, but luckily for me, another old colleague of mine was kicking around, so borrowed his for a sandwich and a drink.
I really did feel about 10 year old, trying to work out who the big boys were, who knew the pretty girls and who new the school ground rules - crazy! Tomorrow I will even brush my hair and wear a smart tie

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