Sunday, July 31, 2005

Drunk and in charge of ... The Internet ?

When I got back in, I recall chatting to my music mogal chum, Any - formally of Collapsed Lung and now of Junior Blanks. I was a little wasted, but we had a random convo - to which i suggested he and his Blank Chums come do a gig at the Well (yes, must have been really wasted) - and he said he would have a think. He give me a url to take a look at, which resulted in me seeing his baldy football heed, and turns out its his online photo album. He logged out and left me to the dregs of my Stella can, then I assumed, crawled to bed - however, waking up in the morning, I'd registered to the same site as Ant and started to upload some of my photos - cool eh ?
Anyhoooooo, here we go ...
Sometimes I scare myself!

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