Thursday, July 07, 2005

Coming Back Right Atcha!

Well, I'm back, tales of the trip will appear below once I get the chance and place them in some kind of diary form. I got kicked out of the Emerald Apt's Room yesterday around 10am UK time, and we had to hang around to get picked up to return to the Airport. Our flight that was flying into Brum was leaving around 2am (Thursday), and out coach pick up was around midnight - a drain on any enjoyable holiday. Anyhoo, I think because there were some other delays flying into the UK and everyone checking in nicely and quickly, we got a headstart. John and Debbie had kindly offered to pick me up from the airport, regardless of the early start, so once I got via passport control, text'd Debbie not really knowing what the time was - it was about 60 mins before we had originally agreed to meet, but bless them, they were up (Debbie going to bed around 9pm to get an early night, John going slightly later around 00:20). My bag was the first on the baggage reclaimbelt - which has never happened.
Was nice to be picked up, up to speed on the goss (Paul's moved to Japan, apparently) - then dropped off. After 3 hours kip, I dazed around home, cleaning up and started the post-vacation washing, and then headed into town to purchase;

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