Friday, July 15, 2005

Show me the Money!!!!

After successfully getting rid of John and Debbie on their "vacation", I've now put their flat up for sale - allowing me to make a massive profit. Just their car to part exchange now, then its like theyve never existed!
Only joking, woke up this morning to find a for sale sign there, which certainly wasnt there when I stumbled past lastnight at none o'clock.

Dont know who's put their place up for sale - certainly not me, unless I done it lastnight when I stumbled in lastnight, I dont think Laura has done it, unless she's had my idea and decided to put it up for sale. I've now got my bible out, praying its going to be some fit single lass who likes blond headed geordie - reward me jebus for my good work to the lord!!!

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Steve Wharton said...

Info Update ::-

Two Bed Apt, going for £179,995