Sunday, July 31, 2005

You Better Smile!!!!

Lastnight, Captain Rich asked if I fancied a couple of late night beers - and who am I to turn down such an offer - so armed with money, shoes and our drinking pack - we hit the Well. It was a bit of a strange night - hot but cold, dry but wet and drunken although a sobering experience. Johno and Blunty were invited as per the norm, however Johno was at the flicks (with his lass - we assume) and Blunty didnt respond - probably due to the fact his battery ran out after being powered on - so we drank like merry souls that we are. Scary Connor turned up with one of the lads who was on my Go Karting team - so we talked football for a while - well technically, I slagged of Man Utd and the state (no pun intended) of Sir Alex and his All Stars.
A little later, cockney comments such as "Both he and his carving knife were shocked when one of their sausepan lids ran away from home" and "He was getting on her West Hams, she gave him the Samuel Pepys. It was clearly the White Cliffs behind them". Anyhoo, after managing to work out it was Jo behind the bar inviting us to a birthday party downstairs in the Well in a couple of weeks time, we managed to get a couple free beers out of them, we nodded and agreed to put it in our Davy Crockett (Pocket) as a reminder.
I can only describe the next episode as drunken, strange and part of the tales of the unexpected - one regular patron came up to me and said "Steve, I think you're a funny lad and I respect you, but sometimes I dont think you like me, maybe even think of me as a bit of a c*nt" After trying to keep a grin off my face without laughing in his face, I told him I thought he was a "c*nt" - but I also thought alot of people were, so for him not to worry about it.
Moments later, one of his partners in crime came over and started having a go at me, saying how I should "be happy", "shouldnt bitch about people" and "how he didnt respect me". After a couple of moments of silence while blood was boiling to my brain, I kindly suggested that he didnt blame his mum, dad and family for his misgivings, how I was happy on the inside, and it was only because he was there, that my exteria wasnt beaming and also, the fact that I had a proper job, earned good money and had friends and family to make me happy. He was like a rabbit in headlights, when he tried to drag Rich into the conversation, of which Rich, managed to successfully put the lid on his box and shutting him up for good. He then walked away stuttering and stammering claiming how we were "good friends" at one point.
Anyhooooo, using our Well secret and magical key, we ended up staying for a couple of swifties, before we could barely stand, bumping into scary connor (tm) outside and taking the piss. We managed to get to Sommerfield, where we saw a miserable looking figure stammering up the hill, turns out its Character Assasin #2 - to which, both me and Rich shouts "You want to be happy, cheer up you morky chuff". You see, i might not look happy all the time, but my merry little brain world is constantly ticking making me grin inside - sometimes too much (Emily knows random stuff that makes me laugh - beep beep beep).

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