Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The year is 1975 :: Lets, EXTERMINATE!!!!!!

Before John and Debbie left for their holiday, John returned a number of objects that belonged to me - including coldplay's new album, a couple of PS2 games and some other stuff I cant recall right now. In his other hand, he had a black CD wallet and a big grin on his face. As he opened it up, it became clear that he had a number of DVDs - some of which were backup of his music, some horror flicks that he'd downloaded, but a dual pack of DVDs that he said I would be interested in.
These were a 6 parter to Dr Who (Tom Baker) and the Genesis of the Daleks - I watched 3 episodes lastnight and the remaining 3 tonight - fantastic story line, fantastic visual effects and acting - baring in mind this was 1975 and special effects were hardly a known back then. Basically the story line is that an "unknown" time lord, has asked the Dr to destroy the existance of the Daleks and removing them from history & future. The 6 episodes explained how they first became invented and by whom (Davros) - also included the reasoning behind the invention and why the Daleks killed Davros - only to be locked in a bunker for thousands of years. The usual dilema that we've seen the recent doctor faced with - does he have the right to destroy and kill species - so there is still the same moral story line over the years. Certainly worth watching and now I'm trying to get hold of Invasion of Earth etc.

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John Hartnup said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

But: The Power of Nightmares is not a horror flick -- it's a documentary about how the terrorist threat is exaggerated in order to boost public support for dodgy political policies.

Pretty ironic in light of recent events...