Friday, July 22, 2005

Doctor Doctor, Can't you see I'm burning burning!

I've not been feeling to great over the last 2 or 3 months - the details I'll not go into, but after putting of going to the doctors from last week (being messed around with someone I was interviewing) I eventually turned up at Park Street Doctors. After the lovely old dear behind the counter slammed her fingers on the computer keyboard, tutting, kissing and looking at me, the clock, the PC, the clock, then me again, she pointed to the waiting room. I assumed that I had turned up and just narrowly missed open surgery, however, she then calmly said that there was no one else in the waiting room, and the doctors had seen everyone else - so would only need to wait 2 mins.

Oh Matron!!!
Impressed I've been in the past - and blaming Thatchers destruction of the NHS is another one of my soap box discussions, however, getting seen by a doctor in 2 mins is about as good as it gets really. After the "how much do you drink?", "whats your diet like?" and "how much exercise do you do?" - he revisited the "how much do you drink?" question after my first reply was "probably too much".
I spoke to my mother a couple of weeks ago about the situation and she suggested (and scared the living day lights out of me) that it might be an ulcer - thankfully its not - so the nice doctor sent me on my way with a slip, to see the nice old dear on reception again. This time, they had mulitplied into 3 old dears, one fanning her face with some paper saying "i get hot flushes dear, dont worry" and "I'm 21" and winking at me - not good for the imagination really.
Anyhoooo, I'm booked in for a blood test for god knows what on Tuesday afternoon.

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