Monday, July 04, 2005

Oh Why Why Why!!!!!!!!

Greek Night again, at a special price of 10 Euro's for food and some drink, I decided it would be a good investment. The only downside was the return of the Karaoke nightmare from the previous - we had a massive plan, drink our drinks, finish our food and RUN. Fair play I thought, and it worked, we had a secondary plan, the ring of trust - where we decided that NOONE would sing, regardless. This worked all of about 3 nanoseconds, when the king of karaoke sham pointed to me and screamed on his microphone, "We have someone to do 'Delilah' - he was here last week" - I was scared, like first day of school scared, but hey, at least we had the ring of trust.
The guy was singing the Monkee's 'Cheer Up Sleepy Jean' - and came around with his microphone and got people to fill in the gaps, he headed towards the ring of trust - at first, we were strong, after the first person, then it broke - the curse of karaoke set in. The knees were going, the hands were shaking and anger took over - there is a Geordie chant called 'Cheer up Peter Reid' - of course the bloke hit me at the wrong time - enter Steve - "Cheer up Peter Reid, With your Monkey's Heed, Shit Mackem Bastard, and a Shit Football Team" - I of course learnt from my mistake the previous week and left out any bad language to avoid any further embarressment and prayed this would be enough to put off the man with the mic coming back.
This didnt work ... he came back and asked the lads to sing Delilah - the wrong side of a lager based coma was heading towards us, but we agreed to help his gig kick off. We sang it, and like the week before (with the addition of a beer glass in my hand) I would sing the "Why Why Why" section. It went quicker than last week - strangely aided by booze - but we were actually clapped off the stage - so so bad. Even Beccy and Emily said that we were very good - and from then on .. we rated everyone else on our standards.
Then cometh the sucker punch, the bloke walking around singing "Hey Jude" by the Beatles - of course, I was singing the live version in my head, and moving my lips at the sametime, so then the dude homes in on me - and hands me the mic and I reenter Beatles Live mode and "Judey Judey Judey Juuuuudey". The dude is then in stitches due to my "duet" and can barely go on, leaving me to plug the gaps, singing more "Hey Jude get me a beer"
Still receiving texts from shipshape blunty!

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