Sunday, July 24, 2005

Grand Theft Auto : Leamington Spa

After attempting to get an early night - you know - start the week off as you mean to go on - I was awoken by a massive smashing noise, followed by the noise of an alarm going off. I could only assume that someone was trying to ramraid the computer shop over the bridge, but about 30 seconds later, screaching of tyres and another massive bang. I decided to bung some shorts, tshirt and trainers on to have a scan - just incase someone was hurt, so wandered up to street level at Ranalegh Terrace - where next door was hanging out the window on the phone to the police and I was met in the pouring rain by my two neighbours (Kerry and the lovely Jo).
Appears some boozed up idiot had decided to drive home, coming around the corner at high speed, must have hit too much rain water, smashed into some punto, which crashed into the 4x4 in front of it (smash #1). In an attempt to cover up, the boozed up fool must have tried to get away, only to wheel spin, hitting a 2nd 4x4 diagonally opposite just outside my place (missing Jo's car - and luckily for me, John and Debbie's too). Not content with smashing into these automobiles, he must have tried to get away for a 2nd time, smashing right into the body of another car, where the wheels and suspension on his must have just given up. When I got out and had a look, there was some bloke (owner of the 4x4 possibly) was dragging the bloke out of the car as he was trying to escape again, although, this time by foot - litterally - as he wobbled around in circles.
5 minutes later - there were police swarming all over the gaff. Here was us, me in shorts and tshirt in the pouring rain, Jo in her PJs with no shoes on, and Kerry concerned about her car inches away from where they were. I went to get umbrellas and a pair of shoes for Jo to stand in rather than her catching death of cold (Jeez, I am getting old, I'm using phrases like that now) - We watched 3 chavs walk around the corner, being twats as BAU, not working out the police were around, shouting louder and louder - then walking around the drunk's car trying to work out what happened, screaming, "Has there been a crash?". Probably more suprised that they couldnt actually steal the car, they wandered off headbutting random objects and trying to flirt with their chips.
After working out that Kerry's car was actually OK, and we were so drenched it was silly, we decided to go our seperate ways (damn it) - I was returned my trainers, and umbrellas - had a quick dry off before slipping back into bed - this time I wasnt so hot, strangely enough!

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