Thursday, July 21, 2005

Unpacked .... eventually

I may have moved in on St Georges day last year, but its only taken up til now to be proactive and unpack some of the "gear" I've had stacked away in my dressing room. Yes, I have a dressing room, and its not a queer as it sounds, its just a little room thats attached to my bedroom thats used for storing clothes - and obviously for the last 12 months and a bit, my "gear". This gear was stored in 3 sports bags, 1 ruck sack and 3 storage boxes and consisted of computer equipment that I may need in the future (Warning, only if the year is 1992 and I need a 9600 modem and a serial cable to connect to my mainframe).
Anyhoo, after being rather ruthless (poor ruth) with what I was keeping, I managed to get this down to two storage boxes and 2 black bags of rubbish. On top of my proactive work tonight, I've managed to screw the three doors to my wardrobe which have been hanging around in my passage way for 12 months.
This combined with hanging up photo frames that have been on the floor in a corner for 12 months, some photos I've had for 3 years and polyfilling some cracks - I've had an interesting week staying away from the Booze.
Now I just need to work thru the stuff I have in my living room and minimise all of that and make space for my ever increasing DVD collection.

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