Friday, July 29, 2005

Sex, Drugs & Sock and Roll

Well not so much of the Sex, Drugs and the Roll ... but... after a very stressful and destressing week, due to work, and personal issues - which I wont go into, what better way to chill, than sorting out clothes. It's commonly known that I have 100s of pairs of socks, thus, I can go months without needing to wash or sort out socks. However with my new plan of healthy living and cleaning up - I decided to attack this pile of socks and other items of clothing. 30 mins later, I was still sorting socks out, and getting extremely bored - and yet, still not making a dint into the sock pile.
Anyhoo, after completing the tidy up, I return to my fantastic brand new PC to complete the migration of my old music and photos over to the new hard drive. Basically, the new PC came with 80Gb SATA disk - which means you cant directly plug an IDE drive in the chain, so cunning Steve unplugged one of the DVD drives (1 of 2) and plugged that into the chain. However (and not wanting to be nerdy) the folders were locked down to my old PC user and computer ID - so had to faff around with some Windows XP management, changing file permissions and taking ownership of folders and drives. Eventually I managed to suck all my music across, repopulate my iPod rather than having to reImport all my CDs to iTunes.

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