Thursday, July 07, 2005

Butternut Tracks

After setting back in to the world of the living, I checked my MSN emails and found a mail from Mr Ant, passing on a URL to some music that I might be interested in. Turns out, its one of the guys from Collapsed Lung, Jim, who's band, Butternut, had just posted some new tracks online. Ant mentioned in the email that they are pretty similar to Collapsed Lung, upbeat & catchy lyrics - so I thought I would give it a whizz.
Turns out that its pretty cool - three tracks;
  • What is Art
  • Uncle b-boy
  • Freed

Anyhoo, you can download the tracks from the website: and you can find the downloads in mp3 format so you can listen on ipods at :

Ant also mentioned that he was doing some Bass playing up at Leicester on Friday Night 15th for a mate. Venue info is :

and Flyer information can be found at :

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