Saturday, July 09, 2005

Tale of Two Airports

After John and Debbie kindly picked me up from the Airport on Thursday morning, I agreed I would take them down to Heathrow, rather than them having to a) get a taxi b) get a train or c) end up having to leave their car in the long stay carpark for 4 weeks. They kindly offered me the loan of their car while they were away, to get to work, and simple stuff - very kind. Debbie phoned up the insurance company while I was away, to which they quoted her 68 quid for the 4 weeks, or 22 quid for the year - strange - anyhow, I was insured for their car - yay - wheels.
I popped around to their gaff at 2pm today, where I found they had 4 small bags in total, 2 "luggage bags" which were the size of small rucksacks - and their laptop bags - talk about travelling light. Anyhooooo, we were on the road, Debbie drove down the M40 and headed towards Terminal 4 and we got there in good time, I took a photo for them to start their travel log, big them good day and was on my way back to Leamington - took around 90 mins to get back - not bad really.
I'd agreed with Rich that if I had access to the car, I would try doing them a fav by picking him and his mate up from Brum airport - His plane was due to land around 22:45 - but luckily I checked the T'interweb and found it set off a little early and was due to land at 22:30. Sat behind the slowest carravette in the world, I get a text from Rich saying he was waiting outside - managed to get back for 23:30 in the end - not bad for someone who hasnt driven properly for 4 months! YAY!

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