Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hole in John!

I havent been to pitch and putt for years, so I suggested it to Captain Rich and Mad Irish Johno, so after getting out of bed pretty late, I arranged for us all to meet up at Newbold Common for a knock around and some banter. After Rich admitted that he'd never played golf - and accurately said "I've never hit a club before" and me correcting him by telling him that he needed to hit the ball, rather than the club - or he would be around for a long time. We got up just after 13:15 and it did look like it was going to piss down, but thought it would be an end of week stress relief. You could see in Rich's eye he didnt fancy this at all, mainly due to being out of his comfort zone and I also got the feeling he likes to be in control of things - like I do. You cant control golf balls, its basically hit and hope - where with PCs, Photography - and to a certain extent, drinking vast amounts of beer - it does what it says on the tin.


After showing Rich the basics :- Tee, Ball, Club, hole with flag, point, swing hit, stay away from bushes - we were underway big style. Johno plays some golf, so obviously bleezed ahead in the steaks, I've played before, but tend to be better mid hole - ie, not the teeing off, or putting - aka, hitting and hoping and being jammy. Rich picked this up pretty quickly and started hitting good balls, mean while, I was in the "rough" trying to find my ball - and Johno was still leading the way, and me and Rich neck and neck. Rich gets alittle bit cocky, and rightly so, he was playing well for his first attempt. This little lad starts waving his club at rich, and mumbled something, to which, Rich replys, "Shut up you little fucker" - while waving his clubs to him from afar - this is where I believe Rich is the devil's son, and the kid starts crying - after being stung by a wasp - coincidence or Rich's evil wrath ? you decide!

After about hole 5, Rich notices the clubhouse and the fact that there might be beer in there - and all of a sudden his game picks up, not before I accidently hit the ball towards Rich and him having to, and wait for it, RUN! All I got back in reply was, "Howay man, I havent ran for 30 years, do you think I should start now?!?"
We ended up the 9 holes with Rich taking the scores - and photos, sadly - which will be available on display shortly, with Johno winning clearly on 39 points, me getting 54 points and beating Rich very very narrowly by 1 point and him coming in on 55. I'm sure Rich has other tales to tell, so when he's blogged it, I'll link it in. All in all, a relaxing afternoon, doing something different and destressing in the summersun - and LOOSING!!!!


BipolarPrincess said...

The only thing I understood was, "Shut up you little fucker!"


Steve Wharton said...

So I take it you're not a golfer then Princess ?