Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ikea :- Bad for your wallet

I've been after some kitchen curtains for ages, I've also been after some nice ikea towels to match my bath "sheet" and 2 x magazine racks to make my lovely flat look tidy. I popped up to the Brum store with Captain Shabby Cowie, sadly, only came back with one set of items, the towels, yet still managing to spend 128 quid, plus a further 10 quid at the swedish store. The breakdown is as follows;
  • The towels I was after
  • 4 x wine glasses
  • Veg Drainer
  • 6 x colourful vases for my small kitchen window
  • 2 x glass vases with
  • 2 x bags of sand (1 x silver, 1 x blue)
  • 3 x picture stands
  • 1 x set of prints
  • 2 x 8 clothes hangers
  • 4 x storage jars for the kitchen
  • 2 x storage boxes
  • 4 x scented candles
  • 1 x light for the bedroom minus bulb
  • 3 x funny shape icecube holder thingys
  • 1 x ikea plant

At the swedish shop I got;

  • Gifflar - kanal (cinnamon rolls)
  • 3 x cans of swedish lager
  • 2 x cans of swedish cider (for captain blunt)
  • chocolate
  • Mini D'aim

Still good day had by all, didnt they ..


Richard H said...

Good job those glass bottles stand up well in your little window.... oh .... wait....

Steve Wharton said...

Yes, well done funny man - fallen over lately ?